What is a file group and how to use it?

Groups are just ordered collections of files. They may be used for convenience, e.g. when you want to let your users rearrange order of uploaded files, or just have a single URL for a gallery: Uploadcare Fotorama gallery.

Groups are immutable. Files in a group may be accessed as via group URL or individually. For example, the third image from the above gallery can be address either of two ways:

If your users makes changes to an item, e.g adding a file to existing group, you’ll get new group that consists of already existing files plus one new. Existing files are “reused”, not “duped”. You even may want to discard old group and use only new.

You’ll get better grip on this when you start using multiupload. In any case, you may not want to use groups at all, and keep track of individual files only.

Hello there,

Forgive my bad english - french guy there.

I’ll start with a global Bravo.

Then, my problem :slight_smile:

I can’t get groups to “work”.

I need to upload 4 files, and make it a group, so that I can use the gallery plugin (absolutely perfect btw)

  • My first try was to open a project, do a multiple upload. No group is created, and only individual files are available and visible.
  • I tried to integrate the widget somewhere on a page of my site and do the operation again. It uploaded well, but no group was created.

So, I miss something, obviously, … :slight_smile:

May you help me on this ?

Thank you !

Hi Mike,

Groups are not visible in the file list. A group is just a logical concept. When you upload images using the widget in the multiple mode, a group creates automatically, and the widget gets a value equal to the group CDN URL. This demo shows how it works and how you can use the group to create a gallery from it:

I’ll try it like that.

Isn’t there a more simple method to get the group id ? Is it planned ?

Thank you for you quick answer. :wink:

Mike, I think the most simple way is to check the value of the widget’s input field in the developer console:

Hii alex

How can I make that the gallery show all images that I have in upload care ? I want to use it as gallery on my website ? thx