Uploadcare x Webflow getting "Incorrect value" from image URL

I’m using Uploadcare to upload from a webflow form as described here: https://uploadcare.com/docs/guides/webflow/

The problem is, when I add the image to webflow’s CMS it copies the images to their own servers. And when I retrieve the URL to give users the option to edit it, Uploadcare doesn’t recognise the URL giving an “incorrect value” error.

I could change the CMS field to ‘text’ as opposed to ‘image’, but webflow wouldn’t let me assign the field as an image URL.

Is there any other workaround to this issue?

Hi @gustavo,

Thanks for the question! The manual you’re referring to describes a very basic scenario of integration, which doesn’t imply using Webflow CMS. Could you tell us a bit more about how you add images uploaded via our widget to the CMS and how you retrieve them? If there’s any custom code you use for these interactions, will you be able to share it so we can look into it?