Upload files without picker and make use of default controls


im curently using a competing product for uploading files and looking to make the switch to upload care.

A feature we use in the other product is to make use of a standard button that allows us to make use of the camera control on mobile devices.

By doing this, the experience feels close to native and the uploading process is handled via js to their file processing tools.

Is this possible to make an uploader without the filepicker control from uploadcare, but still enjoy the benefits of the uploading capabilities?

Any cookbooks or cheat sheets greatly appreciated

Hi @david,

Thanks for the question! If I understand you correctly, you’re looking for a way to use a custom element as a trigger for the uploader’s dialog instead of the default button. If so, we recommend using the JS API of the uploader that allows you to open the widget’s modal programmatically and handle its events. Check out how it works live on Codesandbox