Unable to re-instate disabled webhook

I received below message, but I am unable to re-instate the webhook. After clicking the link, I can edit the webhook details, but the ‘disabled’ flag remains.

We have exceeded attempts to deliver event to one of your webhooks: https://www.[redacted].com/uploadcare-webhook
Because of that the webhook is now disabled.
You may want to check if the URL is correct and the webhook receiver accepts data.

You may re-enable it on this page:

Also, I am implementing this webhook and sent approx 10-20 requests. Surprised this webhook got disabled so fast!

Hi @Picto,

To enable the webhook, click on the gray “disabled” label on it

You should get a pop-up notification saying that the webhook has been enabled.

Also, make sure that the target URL is correct and reachable. A webhook gets disabled when our system can’t deliver a message, and it doesn’t correlate with the number of messages initiated by the event.

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