STORAGE: does using my own S3 account change storage usage in free tier?

Hi, with users uploading any number of files, we would be over the 3GB Free Tier storage very very quickly. There is no way we can pay $hundreds per month at this stage.

If we link our own S3 account, does it no longer count against the Uploadcare storage?

Is there a way to economize here?

Hi @blarvinius,

It depends on whether you delete the files from Uplaodcaer after you move them to your bucket. The “custom storage” feature is not a full replacement to Uploadcare storage. It allows you to connect a bucket to your project and copy files to it with REST API or automatically. If you delete your files after you copy them to your S3 bucket, we won’t count storage, but you won’t be able to deliver them via our CDN, and such features as image/video/document processing will be unavailable for these files. It may be ok for some use cases that don’t require delivery and the above features, however, there are ones that require using our storage.

There are other ways to optimize your costs. Drop us a line at and tell us a little about your use case so we can see what we can suggest.

:white_check_mark: Solution

Thanks very much. Good answer.

Maybe nice to add this info in the docs. (Or did I miss it there?)

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll definitely consider adding this info to our docs.