(Shopify) Live preview in cart disappeared after changing quantity

Hello team Uploadcare,

First of all, thanks a lot for putting up a great tutorial for shopify integration (https://uploadcare.com/docs/integrations/shopify/).

I have been following the steps, and got everything working except a minor glitch.

The live preview in the cart works as intended. However, whenever I change the quantity by clicking the plus minus or trash buttons, the live preview reset to showing only the empty photo frame.

I can simply reload the page on the browser and the live preview shows up again. Do you think if there’s a simple way to keep the live preview while changing quantity?

Please advice.

Hi @PTT_Jack, thanks for reaching out! What theme are you using? And does the preview work when you add to the cart more than one item initially?

Hi Alex, I am using the “Taste” theme. I believe it’s one of the official free themes.

The preview works when I add more than one items to the cart. E.g. One with uploaded image A, one with another uploaded image B. Simply speaking, the live preview works as expected, except when changing quantity or removing items in the cart page.

After a browser reload, the previews show up again. So now I am forcing a browser reload 2 seconds after cart change. But of course, it’s not the most elegant solution.

Thanks again for the quick response.

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