[Shopify] Dynamically change uploader settings, based on product option selected by customer


I am able to get the shopify integration working following your great tutorial (https://uploadcare.com/docs/integrations/shopify/).

My product is a picture frame where customers can select the orientation of it from a dropdown menu.

Say the customer selected “Portrait orientation”, is it possible for the uploader to show only portrait aspect ratios?

Also, if the custsomer change the selection to “Landscape orientation”, can the uploader be updated dynamically to reflect the changes? (i.e. shows only landscape aspect ratio for cropping instead)

I have been following the setup very closely to the tutorial above, so would be great if you could provide me some hints along that direction.

Thanks so much!

I just found a previous topic that’s relevant to my question. I will spend some time working on it following the advice there. Hopefully I can figure it out. Thanks!

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“(Shopify) Crop / min size settings on Product Variants”

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