Shopify- Cropping functions

Hi, I completed the uploader integration on my Shopify store but realized that crop setting only allows me to adjust the frame size but dose not allow me to move the crop frame on the image. I had to play with copping size to get what I want to crop on the image. I also found out if I use uploadkit app from Shopify store, then the issue would be fixed but image won’t be displayed on the product mockup. I found other websites that has uploadcare integrated do not have this issue. Was there anything I did wrong with the codes? Thank you.
Thank you.

Hi, it might be caused by some other CSS/JS on the page. Would you be able to share a link to the page (here or via so we can look into it?

Hi @Alex

here is the link Create Your Own Canvas Print – WallArtFantasy

the link of another website I mentioned earlier that does not have this issue

Thank you.


Just want to follow up to see if there is a possible solution that you might have regarding the post? Thank you. sorry for the delay! It looks like the problem stems from this CSS

As far as I understand, it’s part of your Shopify theme. If you can edit this CSS file, try removing div:empty from this list. Alternatively, you can add the following rule to your theme CSS

div:empty {
  display: block !important;


It works ! thank you so much for the help.

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