Return File UUID instead of Link / Pull Multiple Versions

Brand new to this. I notice when I use the uploader attached to a form the hidden input element is populated with a value corresponding to the new image (in my case) that was uploaded. Are there ways of having the code return just the UUID instead of the full link? Additionally, is there a way I could get back multiple versions from the same upload?
In my case, I’d like to pull both the original upload, as well as the cropped version. I know that if I just use the UUID, I’ll get the full version, but I’d like to save the crop that the user specifies as well.

Hi @Seth_Redlus ,

The recommended way to do this is to use the JS API of the uploader.

UPLOADCARE_PUBLIC_KEY = "demopublickey";

const widget = uploadcare.Widget("[role=uploadcare-uploader]");

widget.onUploadComplete((fileInfo) => {
  console.log("UUID of the original image: ", fileInfo.uuid);
  console.log("Cropped version: ", fileInfo.cdnUrl);
  console.log("File information: ", fileInfo);

You can learn more about the API and available methods from our docs