Rest Api Batch file delete generates [405] Method "DELETE" not allowed

Hi There,

I’m struggling to get the Batch file delete call to work. Every attempt receives the above 405 error response.

I’m no expert in this topic but have successfully set up several other API calls to Uploadcare with Integromat based on the documentation but not this one.

Here’s my json:

    "url": "/files/",
    "body": "[\"6894722c-bae2-435b-a902-2bbbbea3d98a\", \"6e218c8e-6ba0-4cea-9825-c1c5b7f102cd\"]",
    "method": "DELETE",
    "headers": [
            "key": "Content-type",
            "value": "application/json"

Hi @jeff,

It looks like the request is misconfigured on your end. If you’re using Integromat (Make), here’s what the HTTP step for this type of request should look like

You should replace the demopublickey:demoprivatekey with your API keys.

I have exported this workflow as a blueprint so you can download it and import it into your project