Resizing distorts color palette


I have a problem with the resized file. If you compare it with the original you’ll see yale blue has turned into azure blue.

I’ve played with ICC profiles setting, but even 1024 value seems to have no effect.

Is there any way to control/fix this?

Hi @nashbridges,

Currently, for images in CMYK color space, any image transformation leads to converting CMYK to RGB which might cause color distortion. We’re working on a set of operations that allows you to control this process and use embedded profiles to properly convert color space or preserve CMYK on output. These operations will be available soon. Stay tuned.

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Hi @nashbridges

Recently, we added color profile management operations that allow you to use embedded color profiles to convert CMYK to sRGB or keep the profile after transformation. Here you can find more information on the feature

We’d appreciate any feedback you can give us on this feature :raised_hands:

Using srgb=icc indeed fixes the issue: example

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