Requests & data only in Europe

Due to a requirement for our data protection certification in the German health care system, no requests (uploads/queries) may be made via servers in the US and no files may be stored on servers in the US. This must all be located in Europe.

What options do you offer for this problem?

Hi @tech, thanks for joining Uploadcare Community!

As far as we know for the EU in general, you can still have servers outside the EU.
We cover international transfers with our updated DPA, which includes the transfer mechanism — Standard Contractual Clauses Module Two. As far as we know, that’s enough for our EU customers.
Is there any healthcare law that is specific to Germany and forbids any healthcare-related data transfers outside of the EU even if there’s a signed DPA in place? Could you share it with us?

P.S. We have a feature on our roadmap that will allow our users to restrict all storage and processing to the EU servers.

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A quick update on this:

We have adopted the new Standard Contractual Clauses ensuring Uploadcare uses appropriate data protection safeguards when transferring data from the EU to third countries.

See Changelog for more details.

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