Remove/Change File Type for Camera Option from the Webflow Uploader

The camera option in the Webflow uploader uploads the video as an MKV file which is unusable for my client.

Is there a way for camera uploads to be mp4, or to be able to remove the camera option in the webflow uploader?


The camera feature utilizes browser APIs, and different browsers support different sets of formats in which they can encode the captured video stream. Unfortunately, not every browser support MP4 as a target container format. If you use uploadcare-widget (jQuery widget), you can use the UPLOADCARE_VIDEO_PREFERRED_MIME_TYPES setting to force using MP4 in browsers that support it:


The new uploader (Blocks 0.40.0) doesn’t have this setting yet.

If you’d like to disable the camera tab, you can use the following settings to specify a list of available upload sources:



@Alex thanks for the response!

We need to use the Webflow uploader so that the file URL in Uploadcare is included in the Webflow form submission. Is there a way to do that with the Jquery builder? I’ve installed it but it doesn’t submit the Uploadcare file url in webflow form.

When will the option to hide/show the camera option in the Webflow Uploadcare widget be available?

Since the camera submission is unusable for most users, I’m also not sure the point of it being in there?