Processing videos API call

Following these docs with a POST url like["1ad7abd8-d71e-4b21-b415-56b66a7ea1dd/video/"]&store=1

returns an err detail like: [HTTP 400] "paths" parameter is required.

I see both this mention

paths, an array of UUIDs of your video files to process together with a set of needed params.

and mention of this error

[HTTP 400] "paths" parameter is required.
In case you do not provide any input in the request

Could I get a sanity check please? I am actually not passing the paths parameter?

Hi @owenhoskins

Thanks for the question!

The paths and store parameters must be passed as JSON in the request’s body instead of query params. Below is a code example for NodeJS request:

var request = require('request');
var options = {
  'method': 'POST',
  'url': '',
  'headers': {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    'Accept': 'application/vnd.uploadcare-v0.5+json',
    'Authorization': 'Uploadcare.Simple your_public_key:your_secret_key'
  body: JSON.stringify({"paths":["c7fce2e3-6d5e-4358-9369-33954d6fa854/video/-/format/mp4/"],"store":1})

request(options, function (error, response) { 
  if (error) throw new Error(error);

And this one is for Python requests:

import requests

url = ""

payload = "{\"paths\": [\"c7fce2e3-6d5e-4358-9369-33954d6fa854/video/-/format/mp4/\"],\"store\": 1}"
headers = {
  'Content-Type': 'application/json',
  'Accept': 'application/vnd.uploadcare-v0.5+json',
  'Authorization': 'Uploadcare.Simple your_public_key:your_secret_key'

response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)


You can use Postman to generate code snippets for other languages and HTTP clients. See this article for more details:

That was it. Thanks a lot for the quick response and the example code. And the tip about Postman code generation, didn’t know about that one.

You’re welcome @owenhoskins :raised_hands: