Panel manual resolve and get uploaded files

I removed the add button from the panel, and I manually call the resolve function.

// This is the dialog
const dialog = uploadcare.openPanel('#uploader-placeholder', null, {
            multiple: true,
            doNotStore: true,
            tabs: ['file', 'gdrive', 'dropbox']

// This is the resolve call on form submit

uploader.done(function (result) {
    // Here the result.files() is a promise also, so I dont understand how to get the files ids.


you have to resolve that promise as well.
For example, like this:

$.when.apply(null, result.files()).then(function() {
  arguments; // array of individual file infos
  $.each(arguments, function() {
    console.log(this.cdnUrl); // URL of uploaded file
    console.log(this.uuid); // UUID of uploaded file
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