Lots of trouble with the UC iFrame widget

I have integrated the iFrame version of the upload widget into my Wix website. This appears to be the only way to get UC to work on Wix.

However, I’m having a few big issues. Facebook integration doesn’t work (I created another question about this) and camera does not work on desktop (another ticket).

But even more worrying is that I just realized Instagram does not work on mobile – at least on Android. When I tap the Connect to Instagram button I get a permission screen as a popup, tap allow and then am told, “Close this page or go back to continue”. However, since this is a popup there is nothing to go back to, and when I return ot the main website I still see the “Connect to Instagram” button. Completely broken.

Does anyone have experience integrating the widget into an iFrame? I realize this is not UC’s preferred method but it appears to be the only way to get UC to work with Wix. This is a make or break situation where I may have to decide to rebuild my website on another platform or consider an alternative to UC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I just realized this is not specifically an issue with the iFrame. The official demo here has exactly the same problem:

Update on this: The problem with FB seems to only occur with one account. Most seem to work fine. I’m unsure what the difference is.

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