Keyboard navigation only attaches to first gallery on page

Kind of annoying. I have 3 fotorama galleries on one page:

  1. The very latest webcam photo, i.e. only one image in this ‘gallery’.
  2. The latest 100 or so webcam images, taken every 5 minutes.
  3. The best 365 webcam images of each day in the past year.

I want to use keyboard navigation for nr 2, but once I activate that, the keyboard navigation attaches itself to nr 1, where it doesn’t make sense. On that nr1 gallery, I even indicated keyboard=“false”, but that doesn’t help.

And so I now have to implement gallery nr as a Simple Lightbox image, which is not nice, as it behaves differently from nr 2 and 3 regarding zoom.

Is there a different trick to keep the 1 images gallery nr 1 look and feel like fotorama, while attaching the keyboard nevigation to gallery nr 2?