JS API - Open dialog functionality

We’re attempting to use upload care to upload and crop a user defined image with the openDialog() function. When using the API like:

uploadcare.openDialog(null, settings);

The dialog launches, the user may choose their ‘tab’, upload, then crop an image.

When using the API like:

uploadcare.openDialog(null, whichTab, settings);

The dialog launches to the tab, upload, then return to app. It skips the crop step even though the settings object is the same. Is there a way to start a particular tab AND let the user crop? Are there more complete docs that describe the JS API?


Hi Alex,

What widget version are you using? Also, can you share your code snippet so that I can look into it? I checked this case with the last version of the widget and used this code to open the dialog

let dialog = uploadcare.openDialog(null, 'dropbox', {
  crop: '4:3'

the crop step is working for me with this setup.

I re-tested today and it is working as expected. Pretty sure I conflated the Facebook issue with this experience. Thanks for your feedback.