Jotform widget Image shrink

I was trying to use the jotform widget. I wanted to use the image shrink option and when I used the documentation link it just take me to the top of the docs page and I can’t seem to find the image shrink context.

Can I get the syntax that it needed to be in for the jotform widget?

Justin, there was some reorganisation in our docs.
Can you please tell me what page have you found the link on and the link itself, so we could fix that?

I believe you were looking for this:

It was found on the widget settings of

It goes to

I did find what you pointed me to, but when I put in the size like 200x200 it doesn’t seem to be working

Thanks for pointing this out.

As for “not working” what do you mean exactly? What is the size of original image?

The image is 1920x1080. I have the editor to crop the image down to 200px by 200px. It will create a link that has the correct image in the end and the original size is uploaded.

From my interpretation of the documentation is that the image shrink only upload the 200px by 200px part and not the whole image so it can save space. This is the part that doesn’t seem to work.

Yes, smaller image should be uploaded.
Can you show us your code snippet?

Since it was a widget I didn’t code anything, just filled in the field with “200x200”. Just like the image included above.