Jekyll Doesn't Recognize CDN links

I’m using Netlify to host the site, NetlifyCMS w/ Uploadcare integration and Jekyll for my SSG.

When I upload files, the link saved in my jekyll front matter is the uploadcare cdn version that only has the uuid. Ex:
The browser will open that link and show the image. But Jekyll does not recognize it as a valid link when using {{ post.thumbnail }}. In the Uploadcare project dashboard I can get a link the image that includes filename with jpg.

How do I reconcile this so that I get a usable link in my frontmatter after upload?

Hi there :wave:,

Alex here from Uploadcare support.

You can add any filename after the last slash in CDN URLs. For example,

Most likely, a proper file name will resolve the issue. Let me know if this helps.

@nd0ut Can you take a look? Can we add a file name to CDN URLs returned by the Netlify widget by default?

@VacantFuture @Alex

Yep, we’ll going to implement this feature soon.

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