Image upload through web app

I have some basic requirements but can’t see how to do it. I have a web app where users complete a small HTML form with two image file choosers. The images are currently uploaded to my server and the target_url is sent into a MySql database. This means the images are available to view immediately afterwards. This is a critical requirement as it’s for a sports event validation app. I have read a lot of documentation but unsure how I would get the correct url at the point of upload to store into the database. Is this achiveable?

Thanks for the question! Our file widget uploads images to Uploadcare storage, which is connected with our CDN, so images instantly become available on the Internet. You can easily retrieve the CDN URL of an uploaded image using the widget’s JS API and use it in your app, e.g. render a thumbnail, etc.

You can find a detailed answer here Loading Images to a feed