Image Transformation Updates — Unsharp Masking, Color Adjustments, Filters

We updated our Image Transformations with a set of new operations:

Unsharp Masking

Unsharp Masking can be used for enhancing images by improving their sharpness. The effect is also called “Local Contrast Enhancement.”

Technically, we did not introduce a separate operation for Unsharp Masking. Instead, we added the :amount parameter to the blur transformation. Negative :amount combined with reasonably high blur :strength provides the Unsharp Masking behavior.

Here’s how the syntax goes:


See how improving local contrast looks like in our docs or read more about Unsharp Masking in this Wikipedia article.

Image Color Adjustments

We added seven new transformations based on Look-Up Tables (LUTs). You can now adjust image colors on-the-fly with our Image Transformations.

Here’s the list of color properties you can control:

  • Brightness
  • Exposure
  • Gamma
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Vibrance
  • Warmth

The syntax goes like this:


You can find thorough descriptions of the transformations along with their :value ranges in our docs.

Photo Filters

We added Photo Filters :camera: You can now pick one of the 40 filters that best suits your image and apply it on-the-fly.

Applying a filter goes like this:




Where :name stands for one of the 40 elven names we chose for our filters, and :amount controls the strength of each of them.

You can discover filter names and possible :amount ranges in our docs.