Image Preview Showing in Product Page but not In Cart

Hi guys,

We have created a store using the Sense theme on Shopify which integrates with Uploadcare. We have managed to get the product preview to show on the product page, however this does not translate through to the cart page preview.

I’ve included some links to what it looks like on the front and backend, and would appreciate any ideas in this area

Could you drop us a link to the site?

the link to the site is :

@pablo I think the problem has to do with the way you’ve implemented a redirect to the cart when the user clicks the “Add to Cart” button. It seems that the custom property “Upload” is not added to the cart item, so the default image of the item is displayed in the cart. Could you tell us more about how the redirect is implemented on the product page?

I went to assets > product-form.js file, found ‘this.cartNotification.renderContents’ and changed code here:


window.location.href = ‘/cart’;

Where you able to access this by chance ?

Hi @Alex - I’ve reimplemented the uploadcare image solution to more closely follow the docs. Currently the upload flow runs as expected until we get to the cart preview, which still does not render. I’m using the Sense theme on Spotify, and the implementation currently looks as follows

Hi @pablo, sorry for the delay! We’ve updated our Shopify tutorial to cover aspects of integration with Online Store 2.0 (modern Shopify themes). The updated tutorial is available here It covers implementing a preview on the cart page as well. Please, take a look.

Hi @Alex , thanks for the updated docs. We’ve been working with them today but still seem to be running into the same issue of the lack of a cart preview. We’re using the Sense theme. The cart image that we see in the inspect element doesn’t seem to pick up on what we can see on the backend.