How to upload multiple files at once?

Hello, I am quite new to uploadcare, I was trying to add the plugin to my webflow ecommerce websote but I can’t manage to upload more than one file on the form. I can see on tutorials and documentations that it’s possible to do so.

Is there a way to change it so that the uploader can take up to 8 images? Also, how can I upload a Main image and give a specific order for the other 7?

I hope that someone can help me out with this.


Hi @artspydr, welcome to Uploadcare Community!

Multi-file uploading can be easily enabled by adding a data-multiple attribute to the widget’s input element. See our docs to learn more about uploading multiple files
Docs: Multiple file uploading

The widget also has options to limit the minimum and maximum numbers of files a user can upload at once.

Docs: Multiple Min
Docs: Multiple Max

As for the file order, it’s possible to change the order of files in the widget by dragging them (the initial order will be the same as how a user selects the files). Once the user clicks Done, the widget will make a filegroup where files will be ordered exactly the same as in the widget’s dialog.

Let me know if that helps.