How to simplify a file-only uploader

My client wants the upload widget to be simpler,
If data-tab is set to “file” only, can the “Choose a local file” step be skipped?
If not, can the button text “Choose a local file” be customized?

I have looked at the Javascript widget, the php api and webform.

The webform did greatly simplify the file selection process, but I couldn’t see how to get client-side image resize to work using this method.

Hi @dave,

There’s no way to skip pressing the “Choose a local file” button, but you can customize it if needed. Do you want to change its text or appearance?

Alternatively, you can disable the widget UI and use the default system file dialog. You can do this with the data-system-dialog attribute. Client side image resize will still work if the system dialog is enabled.

Thanks for your reply.

We added the data-system-dialog attribute and the client is happy.


Glad it helped, Dave :raised_hands: