How to make widget go to crop upon image selection?


Currently, when I choose an image to upload, the image is auto-cropped and made ready to add. In order to crop it to a different region, one has to select the crop tool and then re-crop.

Is there a way to directly go to the crop tool upload selecting an image? I remember this being the behavior at some point in the past but it appears to have changed in the current version of the widget.


Hi @manohar.vanga,

From your description, I can guess you’re using the Effects Tab extension. When enabled, you have to select the crop tool to get to the cropping step. If you don’t need other effects from Effects Tab except for crop, consider disabling the plugin to restore the default widget behavior when the crop step appears on dialog opening.

Hey @Alex, I would like my users to have the effects tab as well as be redirected to the crop tool as soon as they select an image. I guess there’s no way to have both currently?

Since the UX of Effects Tab is different, there’s no way to do so that the crop step appears right after selecting an image as this happens in the default widget. The only workaround that comes to my mind is simulating a click on the “crop” icon with JS, but this behavior might seem confusing to users.

Hey @Alex, thanks for the quick reply. I’ll stick with the regular behavior for now.

Just wanted to also check: any suggestions on my other questions regarding integration? Adding a custom tab with

@manohar.vanga thanks for reminding :+1: I’ll reply there shortly.