How to limit the filetypes

I want to only allow video file types in my upload care widget. How do i do this. `
UPLOADCARE_PUBLIC_KEY = ‘d17e110ed4344de9efa0’;
UPLOADCARE_TABS = ‘file camera’;
buttons: {
choose: {
files: {
one: ‘Record a video’,
other: ‘Record a video’


This code still allows all files in the file picker dialog. Please see attached screenshot.

Hi @stevesblinds,

The option you use just filter files by type in the system dialog. If you need to allow uploading files with a specified type(s) only, it’s better to use file validation.

A validating function has access to file information before the file is uploaded, and you can abort uploading if the file hasn’t passed your validation.

You can learn more about file validation here

Here you can find a working example of file type validation

Hope that helps.