How to capture uploader details


I have added just the upload button on a single Shopify page to allow customers to upload photos and videos, and it works fine ( However, I am facing two issues:

  1. I’m not able to capture the uploader’s name. Is there a way to do this?
  2. Once the file is uploaded, can there be a confirmation to uploader (upload complete, etc). Ideally, it would be nice if we could give the user an option to submit the form including the selected the file, and then give a confirmation

Are there any options for the above?


Hi @viksit

Uploadcare doesn’t support adding custom data to files yet, so if you need to capture names or other information, you should save this data on your end. We’re going to make possible to add custo meta to files in near future, stay tuned.

I’m not quite sure I understood the second question. If you’re looking for a callback function that invokes when a file is completely uploaded, you can use the onUploadComplete method of a widget instance:

If you meant something else, please, elaborate.

I think just post submit message would be good…like : thank you for submitting, is there a way to do this without Javascript?

@blackbookology I don’t think so. What prevents you from using JS for this?

absolute clueless newbie status … I use squarespace and just press buttons lol… I am learning as I go but I guess this is possible if I figure out how to insert Java. Thanks for the prompt reply! I spent all night looking for a good uploader for my site and this is by far the best

The same here : I would like to display a post upload message “Thank you for submitting”. Could you please provide me with a sample of code for the “On upload complete, widget event” integration into the JS script ? I’m a newbie to JS. Thank you in advance.

Hi @julia.parh :wave:

Sure. Here is a very basic implementation

var widget = uploadcare.Widget('[role=uploadcare-uploader]');

widget.onUploadComplete(function() {
  alert('Thank you! Your file has been uploaded.');

Check out a live demo here.