How do you shut off all uploadable sources except file and camera in jotform

I’m looking to only allow uploads from files or the camera in jotform. I don’t want the applicant to have the option to upload from a url or facebook, etc. Please help. I tried using your methods from support but they’re not working.

Hi @nickdefeo741,

You can define which tabs will be available in the widget with the UPLOADCARE_TABS option. Open plugin settings and add the following to the Additional Global Settings text field and then click Update Widget


There you go!

This almost exactly what I was looking for. What code would I have to put in to add the files, along with the camera? I don’t understand coding, so you would have to be specific. Thank you!

You just need to list the sources you’d like to be available in the widget. For files and camera, it’s going to be UPLOADCARE_TABS = "file camera";

A full list of sources can be found in our docs

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