How can I preview videos?

How can I preview the uploaded videos? I am using the Django plugin, the images appear when I click the images name but the videos are not displayed inside Uploadcare window.

Please advise.

Hi @joe, the widget doesn’t process video files anyhow, so if the video format is not supported by the browser, its preview won’t be rendered in the widget’s dialog. If you need to render a video preview and make sure it’s playable across different devices/browsers, consider using video transcoding.

Thanks for your reply @Alex. The thing is, I uploaded many videos and none of them get displayed in the preview window.

The video I am testing above is this: (tried several others as well)

Thanks for the info! Can you check if the PREVIEW STEP option is enabled in the widget settings? If not, you can enable it this way:

UPLOADCARE_PREVIEW_STEP = true; or through a data attribute: data-preview-step

Thanks Alex. The UPLOADCARE_PREVIEW_STEP helped, but only on the initial video upload. I can’t see the video file inside Uploadcare’s modal after the file gets uploaded and Uploadcare modal closes.

I was expecting videos to get handled similar to images; when the Uploadcare’s modal shows, I get the existing video just like I get existing images (not only during the initial upload step.)

It looks like a bug we need to look into. As a workaround, you can render a preview outside the widget with the widget’s API. Here’s a very basic implementation Video preview - CodeSandbox

Got it. I hope it gets fixed soon & thank you for this super awesome product!

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