Help needed for a gallery


I need a gallery connected to my images in uploadcare on my website on squarespace please, also with an upload button and a download button under the picture?

Can anyone help me please I can pay also :slight_smile: thx

Hi @coimbradany,

Thanks for the question! Can you please clarify if you have a predefined set of images or the gallery will be updated with new images?

The gallery will be updated with new images, it will be like a private mood board for members, everyone can upload images

Only need a basic flex design or mansory style gallery with it, I could do some design change my self after that… I’m good at css and html but javascript is not my strength :frowning:

Thank you. This workflow will definitely require a backend. There two ways the backend can work

  1. It can fetch stored images from Uploadcare storage via REST API and pass a list of image URLs to the frontend to render.
  2. You can save image URLs to a DB on after uploading and render URLs stored in your DB instead of requesting them every time from Uploadcare.

I think this is not that you can build using Squarespace only. Also, this requires some dev skills, and you might need to find a developer who can help you with implementation.