HEIC file format issue

Do you currently support .HEIC? When marking as supporting images only this does not appear to be a supported format. When I am able to successfully upload it (accept images only turned to off) it does not appear to show the actual photo but rather just the file name. See screenshot below. Is this not supported?


HEIC format doesn’t have integrations with popular image libraries (we are using Pillow). There are some license issues which prevent adding support for HEIC to Pillow library. It’s very unlikely we’ll support this format in the near future.

Ok thank you much for the quick turnaround time.

Hey Alex,

There is now a Pillow plugin for HEIF available, pyheif-pillow-opener.
pyheif-pillow-opener · PyPI

Would you support that now?

Hi @Vlad_Korobov, thanks for sharing this! We’re already working on adding support for HEIC images and expect the update to be released in Q3-Q4. Stay tuned for our news!

Hi, any updates on HEIC support? As we’re now into Q4. This is quite important for our customers on iOS.

Hi @matt2, we’re almost done. It will be released within a couple of weeks. Stay tuned :satellite:

Hi everyone! Glad to inform you that HEIC images are now officially supported by our image processing pipeline. This format is accepted on input. If any processing operation is applied, the output will be either JPEG or PNG. You can specify the output format explicitly with the format operation. Available output formats: jpeg, png, webp.

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