German language locale missing for crop

I have checked the german locale for uploadcare-widget and it is missing the preview for “CROP”, can you add this one to german locale

I am also added the below code for uploading the image but for some reason german locale value is resetting for English locale titlle CROP “Crop and add this image” and buttons: remove and done is

export function* updateUploadcareLocale({ locale }) {
const uploadcare = (yield call(importUploadcare)).default;
const uploadCareLocale = getLanguage(locale);

if(uploadCareLocale === 'de'){
  uploadcare.plugin((uploadcareWidget) => {
          locale: 'de',
          translations: {
            buttons: {
              cancel: 'Abbrechen',
              remove: 'Löschen',
              choose: {
                files: {
                  one: 'Datei auswählen',
                  other: 'Dateien auswählen'
                images: {
                  one: 'Bild auswählen',
                  other: 'Bilder auswählen'
          } });
         yield put(updateUploadcareLocaleComplete());
uploadcare.plugin((uploadcareWidget) => {
    uploadcareWidget.locale.rebuild({ locale: getLanguage(locale) });
yield put(updateUploadcareLocaleComplete());



Do we have option for adding the missing locale in german “CROP” using rebuild in uploadcare-widget

Hi @Srinivasalu, I can see you’ve opened an issue here German language locale missing for crop. While the crop part is missing in the GE locale, you can add it yourself via UPLOADCARE_LOCALE_TRANSLATIONS:

dialog: {
  tabs: {
    preview: {
      crop: {
        title: 'Crop and add this image',
        done: 'Done',
        free: 'free'

(replace the default values with your translation)