Fetching image url of image user submitted

I am working on a web platform that allows users to upload pictures videos etc. i can do all the uploading that’s not a issue on my end but where I am hitting a brick wall is I need to save image url of certain images of users in my MySQL database mainly for profile images etc.

The plan is each user has its own folder in the CDN which makes fetching the users images more simple.

I am just trying to figure out the best way to grab the link of a image that a user uploaded for there profile picture.

I am using php if that helps. Any ideas or suggestions on how this might work would be very helpful. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Andrew_Kapaldo, thanks for the question!

If you use our file uploader, you can easily grab a CDN URL using the widget’s API https://uploadcare.com/docs/uploads/file-uploader/#get-a-cdn-url-of-an-uploaded-file.

Also, if the uploader is placed within a form, it acts as a form field that gets a CDN URL as a value once the file is uploaded. When the form is submitted, the URL will be passed to your form handler as part of the form data and you can handle it on the backend.

If this doesn’t help, could you tell us a little more about how you upload files and what clients/libraries you are using?