Facebook scopes

We’re using our own Facebook app, which means we need to go through App Review - that’s fine, and we are well into the process. But it did get us wondering about the scopes that are asked of Facebook users. user_photos makes sense, but user_videos and user_likes don’t, as we’re only interested in having users upload photos. Is it possible for us to only ask for the one scope? Or is there an obvious reason that I’m missing for having those additional permissions?

Hi @djones,

Currently, we can’t customize our source functionality hence we ask to enable all those scopes for custom apps. In theory, if you enable only user_photos, it should work but it also can lead to unexpected errors.

You can safely ignore user_videos permission.
user_likes is used to display Facebook Pages that a user “liked” and allow upload content from those.
Depending on your use case you may want to use this or not.

As far as I understand, if the user doesn’t some grant permissions, the functionality that depends on those will be unavailable, but the rest should work.