Facebook does not appear to working

We are no longer seeing images come over from uploadcare. We can connect to FB just fine however as you can tell no pictures are being displayed. We were able see these images before however we have not been able to see these the last couple of says.

Facebook app is not working since they messed up the review process.
We’re aware and are working on fixing this.

Meanwhile you may want to switch Facebook tab off to avoid confusion of your users.

Ok thank you for the response!

Do you have an ETA on when this will be fixed with Facebook? Thank you much in advance.

There no ETA for anything coming from a Facebook.
If you have friends there, you can give them a nudge :wink:

Just wanted to follow up on this. We understand how Facebook provides no ETA but has there been any new status or progress on the Facebook review that you know of? Thanks!

@developers Sorry this is taken so long. It seems the people at Facebook who are responsible for the review even don’t check the materials we send and decline our applications again and again. We’re still trying to break the wall of misunderstanding :frowning:

Understand! Thanks for the update!

@developers We’ve resolved the issue; now the Facebook tab is working again. :tada: