Explain the Can’t upload error

A customer is getting “Can’t upload” when they try to upload something. I can duplicate the problem, but I don’t have enough information to tell them why. How do I figure this out?

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Hi @mharney,

In order to find out the reason for the error, you need to check the response from upload API. See this topic for details

Hope that helps. If this doesn’t help, let us know.

Hi; Thanks.

In this case, I think it was a file size error (bigger than our plan allows.)

The problem is that isn’t what’s communicated to the user. They get a generic error message. Is there away to know that the file is too big on the client side and explain why they are having an issue?

@mharney sorry for the delay. Yes, it’s possible to get more details on the uploading error with JS API of the widget. Here you can find how to handle failed uploads

If a file fails to upload, you can get the error code and show an extended message to a user.

I see you posted this question a long time ago, but do you remember what was the file size? Can’t find any references to file sizes limit. Thanks in advance

thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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