Does Uploadcare support video processing?

Uploadcare supports video processing and transcoding. Video Processing is a default option on any Uploadcare paid plans. The feature is powered by Uploadcare REST API: you post a processing job via a request to the API endpoint and get a processed file UUID in a response.

Currently, we support the following video operations:

  • Resizing a video to fit into the specified dimensions. You can also specify the video width alone to preserve its aspect ratio.
  • Adjusting Quality: setting the level of video quality that affects file sizes and hence loading times and volumes of generated traffic.
  • Controlling output video format: converting files to one of the HTML5 video formats: webm, ogg, mp4.
  • Creating a given number of thumbnails for your video.
  • Cutting out a video clip from the video.

See the Video API docs to learn more

Hi Alex,

Using bubble, how can you create a given number of thumbnails for the videos uploaded ?

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