Display uploaded image on page


Implementing uploadcare to Webflow project and it works as expected. http://croppa.webflow.io/
On the page after a image is uploaded and cropped I want to show the image somewhere on that page. How do I do that?
I wish I knew javascript, I’m guessing this is a simple task then :grinning:

If it helps here’s a WF preview link: Webflow - croppa




Webflow allows adding custom JS code. You need to add an img tag and some lines of javasript to make a preview. Check out this demo:

Awesome! Just what I needed. I’ll try that out.

Worked like a charm :grinning: thanks

This is not super imported down the road for this project but I wanted that image to show up on more then one place but that is not working for me. Tips?

Perfect, thanks for the resposne!

Perfect, thanks for the resposne!