Create Thumbnail without losing image content

Hi, I am new to uploadcare but I think my use case is common, but I am struggling to achieve my goal.

I want to create thumbnail images of a company logo that is uploaded to my site with a size 0f 50X50.

I have uploaded a sample logo to uploadcare and when I add the commands to the url -/scale_crop/50x50/center/-/enhance/ it resizes the image but loses a significant part of the logo.

How do I resize the image without losing part of the logo?

Hi @milo_clarke, can you share an example?

Hi Alex


Hello Milo. Arch here from Uploadcare.

You can try this variant that does not crop the part of logo:

It won’t be big and it won’t be exactly 50x50 - but this is hard to achieve as your original logo isn’t a square either. Take a look and let me know if it works for your case or not really.

Best regards.