Connect custom Dropbox OAuth 2.0 app

  1. Open Dropbox App Console.
  2. Click Create app.
  3. Choose Dropbox API.
  4. Choose Full Dropbox — Access to all files and folders in a user’s Dropbox.
  5. Think up a name for your app. For example, your site or application name.
  6. Click Create app. The new application will be created.
  7. On the settings page of the app, add the following URI to the Redirect URIs field:
  8. Before connecting the app, you need to increase users limit, to do this click Enable additional users.
  9. Find App key and App secret and copy them.
  10. Go to Dashboard, open the Custom OAuth apps page in project settings, select Dropbox and fill in the App key and App secret fields with the keys you got from Dropbox. Click Save Keys.
  11. Now you can test your app. In the widget, try to connect Dropbox. If everything is done right, you will see the request from your app.
  12. After that, you will need to apply the app for production. Go back to the app settings page and click Apply for production. Follow the instructions to send the request.