Completed conversions webhook

Hi @Alex ,

I’m currently implementing some video upload features in our application (like showing an intermediate state of a video to the user until it was fully converted and stuff like that).

Instead of polling the video conversion job status until it is done it would be nice to get notified by a webhook. This is also what the docs recommend:

A good example of working with output file UUIDs would be subscribing to the file.uploaded event via the webhooks REST API endpoint. This allows you to know when processing routines are complete without checking your processing job status.

Unfortunately you only provide one event type (file.uploaded) for now which is kinda odd because first my webhook (an AWS Lambda function) will be triggered on every file upload and second the current event payload doesn’t tell me that this file was uploaded as an result of a conversion.

This means I will have to take a lot of extra steps to know that this upload belongs to a convert video job request I made earlier… and if I want to use the generated thumbnails from this video I will have to save the thumbnail group uuid before the conversion has finished.

In this post from 2018 you said that […] in the future, we’re going to implement a webhook for completed conversions which you can use to automate actions with converted videos/documents. […].

Are there any plans to do this anytime soon? Or when is this future you’ve been talking about :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your feedback!

Hi @hannes. Unfortunately, this update has been delayed until Q2-Q3 2022. We’ve been working to upgrade some underlying core features of our platform, and at the moment, we’re almost ready to start working on adding new events for webhooks. Until that, if you work with video/document conversion, we recommend using job status polling instead of relying on the file.uploaded event. We’ll let you know if we have any updates on this.

Hey @Alex, it’s been a while and I just saw the new REST API 0.7 now features a file.infected event. Any chance we soon can expect a file.converted event to choose when adding a new webhook?

@hannes, thanks for following up! We decided not to add a special event like file.converted, but to add file.info_changed, which will be a universal event for all add-ons. We are also adding a new field to the JSON payload – initiator. The field will contain information about which service placed the file in the project. This will allow for using the file.uploaded event only to tell whether the file is a regular upload or was created by an add-on.

We plan to release this update in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

@Alex thanks for the update. Looking forward to the update, although it’s not 100% what I was hoping for :slight_smile: It seems like this still decreases the number of our webhook calls when it’s not called with every single file upload.