Cant use phone camera on Galaxy S9

I am using Jotform File Uploader UploadCare widget. ‘Take a photo’ opens google file manager on Samsung Galaxy S9.

Is there any way to open the camera app and capture a picture?

Hi @benmanfield, what browser you’re using, and what version of Android is installed on your device?

I’ve just checked opening from both Samsung Internet browser and Chrome and it works fine.

The issue is when viewing the form from the Jotform android app.

Hello @benmanfield
I’ve got the same issue on my Pixel and reached out to our development team for a comment.
This was way easier than I thought - I simply didn’t give enough permissions for Jotform app.
Could you check if this would fix this issue on your side?

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Hey Arkadii,
Yup. Looks as though giving camera permissions to the Jotform app fixed the issue.

Thanks for your help.