Can Uploadcare determine whether an image contains some text or not?

We are using Uploadcare for uploading banners for promos and promo layout should be different depending on whether the banner contains text or not. Would be nice to automate this.

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Currently, we don’t support text recognition. We’re watching for demand for this feature from our users and if it increases, we’ll add this feature on our roadmap.

Okey, thanks for the answer. Actually we don’t need text recognition as such; I our case it’s enough to determine whether there is some text or not.


Also need image detection. I want to tell my users to avoid uploading images with text, because the image would be for header which will be used as a background.

We’re working on image recognition API, there are no public docs yet, but if you want to join the beta, drop a line to, we’ll provide you with documentation and give you access to the API.