Can I get a email notification when a new file is uploaded?

Uploadcare doesn’t support any type of notification on new uploads out-of-box, but it’s possible to set up email notifications with a Zapier task. Here is a link to the task template: Zapier: Uploadcare + Email

ouch! :frowning: please consider adding this! I’ve used Zapier in the past and while it often sounds like a good solution, changing platform API’s, expiring auth keys, and other things make it a major pain.

it is probably easiest to use a webhook to do this @files1 .

1/ create a webhook which calls a script on your server for each time a new upload is created
2/ within that script, generate a call to send an email, add to a database record, or whatever action is most useful to you.

you can set up webhooks in your project settings.