Can I delete images by upload date?


We have 500,000 images on uploadcare and they are using 500gb of storage, which is costing alot. I need a way to delete all images prior to Feb 2023, we only need the last 6 months worth of images. Please advise how can I do this. Many thanks

Hello, thanks for writing in!

You can delete old files via the REST API. Using the List method and ordering and from parameters, you can get a list of files uploaded before a certain date (see List Files). Then you can delete the files in batches of 100 (see Batch Delete).

Also, we can do this from our end at your request. If you are interested in this option, please contact us at

you sure that help email is spelt correctly, or does it have the extra C

There was a typo, but it’s fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out.

no worry, email bounced back, so thought it was strange. But sent again, and you responded, so thank you, but it is I that has made a mistake. I’ve emailed again to clarify, but my original request was incorrect. Ive emailed you again with the correct request please, and thanks again for all your help