CAF support file

Hi UploadCare,

I have case to upload .caf it is file extension created on iMessage for video. Does the upload care can handle caf uploaded convert to mp3 or wav ?

Hi @Muhamad_Iqbal, we don’t have a dedicated AIP for converting audio files yet. Technically, you can use the Video API to convert CAF to MP4. On output, you’ll get a file that can be played in almost any browser.

Hi @Alex , Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: , I’ll try it. Also for the .heic file, I was uploading from API uploadFile, from the url, no image uploaded for the .heic. Is it automatically convert the .heic to standard image extension ?.

Our platform doesn’t convert files on upload. Could you share the ID of the upload request (via from_url) so we can look into it? You can find the ID in your log viewer on the dashboard.

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