Buggy CDN inline controls

I noticed that the “inline” control on the CDN detailed here works intermittently. I have a valid image hosted on uploadcare, being served by the cdn. I want to send a link to a client that will download the image to their machine rather than show them the image in the browser. However, if I attempt to visit the image with /-/inline/yes(or no) I get a 400 error. Using the same uuid with /-/preview/-/inline/yes resulted in a 502 timeout. The same uuid with /-/preview/-/inline/no appears to work sporadically, but can also result in a 502 timeout.

(also, let me put more than 2 links in a post!)

@jon Thanks for reporting. I haven’t noticed any errors while accessing the file with different operations applied. We need some time to check our log to figure out what’s happened. Also, I’ve increased the number of links available in a post.