Black bars with Safari

Dear uploadcare,

one of our customers faced an issue with an inconsistent coloring of images in different browsers.

Here’s an example: which looks great in Google Chrome and has black bars in Safari.

We’re aware of png gamma correction issues gamma - Why does this PNG image display differently in Chrome & Firefox than in Safari and IE? - Super User but we’re not sure it’s related.

Is there any way to fix that on our side?


The source and the resulting images are JPEG so it is not related to PNG gamma correction issues, I think. We need some time to investigate.

Thank you for your reply.

Then it’s really strange as the same jpeg image is shown differently.

Ok, let’s see what are results of your research.

Hi @Alex, is there any update on this issue, could you kindly help us and our customer with that?

Not yet. I’ve pinged our engineering team again. I’ll let you know of any updates.

Dear uploadcare team, we really need this issue to be fixed. Is there any ETA?

@yurii there was a bug with the “setfill” operation with the same behavior we fixed a few days ago, but it seems something else causes the bug with black bars in Safari browser in this case. We’re still investigating, and we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

@yurii we have fixed this issue. Please, check it out and let us know if something isn’t working for you.

@Alex thank you! it works!