Best Laravel package for integration?

I would like to integrate Uploadcare with Laravel. Github has a couple of packages, but they are all very old (ranging from 6 to 8 years ago). This seems to be Uploadcare’s “official” package, but it’s older than some forks:

Did anyone integrate with these packages yet? Which one? Does it still work?

Hi @Picto , Have you already tried using uploadcare-php?

Trying to implement this in Laravel, spent already 8 hours on it and can’t get it working :confused: This is because of my lack of experience implementing a non-Laravel package.

Some random questions:

  1. I guess I need to setup a Laravel ServiceProvider?
  2. I guess I need to setup a Laravel Facade?
  3. I guess I need to setup a Laravel configuration file that is different from config/uploadcare.php (which simply has the public and private key)?
  4. I guess I also need to set the public and private key in .ENV?

In the demo app, there’s a code example showing how to set up a Laravel container GitHub - uploadcare/uploadcare-php-example

Have you tried it?

Go it working eventually, thanks.

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